Seventh Tool

By Paul Hartley

The Seventh Tool is a book of fiction. It is a plot-driven story, which explores Nature, human nature and love. It concerns an eccentric and charismatic man, Jack, who, though selfish, lazy, and hedonistic, searches for a way to re-enter his soul and thus save himself from being utterly without value.

On his journey Jack realizes that his nature and soul cannot be separated from the Earth, from Gaia, from Nature Herself. Jack then faces the Real Work of his life: in order to save himself, in order to regenerate his very spirit, he must first save Gaia.

The Seventh Tool tells of two love affairs: one between man and woman, and one between the human and Nature.

The book is a story about the nature of man and woman. It is a story about the human animal and its place in the Original Wild Habitat where it reaches its spiritual and evolutionary climax. It is a story about what might be lost to us now in the human heart: the fully blossomed soul. And it is about reuniting Gaia with Her own nature, and therefore it is about changing this world essentially and finally.

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