Welcome to ABC, your “inside edge” to starting and succeeding in a career as a government consulting. Our mission is simple – to be the only resource you need to start and sustain a career in government consulting.

The information you will learn by attending an ABC workshop cannot be acquired through other venues or resources. You will hear first hand from actual governments consultants how they got their jobs, what they look for when hiring new applicants and what strategies you will need to find start an amazing career in government consulting.

Attending an ABC workshop will give you a competitive edge over other candidates vying for jobs in government consulting. Our workshops focus on…

  • What is government consulting and is it the right job for you
  • How government consulting differs from management consulting and why STEM graduates find it more desirable
  • How to transfer your academic/industry skills to that of a government consultant
  • How to impress at interviews
  • What does the job market and political landscape look like government consultants
  • How to qualify for a security clearance
  • What makes you a good “fit” for a company and a company a good “fit” for you?

Our interactive workshops are put on by the industries top government consultants with decades of experience in their fields of expertise. We will teach you how to prepare for job interviews by reviewing a mock interview, what questions to ask to reduce

Give yourself an edge over your competitors and take this workshop!

Talk directly to hiring managers, security clearance officers, contracting officers and more!

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